A Forever Learner 


  • Software Engineering Bootcamp

    2022 - 2023 | Nucamp Coding Bootcamp

    During my time at Nucamp Coding Bootcamp, I gained comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in various areas of web development. I received thorough training in web development fundamentals, mastering essential concepts and techniques. I delved into data structures and algorithms using Python, and developed proficiency in SQL and data modeling. I also focused on backend development, DevOps, and SQL with Python, acquiring valuable skills in application deployment through containerization using Docker and cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCS. Additionally, I became well-versed in version control practices using Git and GitHub. Throughout the bootcamp, I actively engaged in hands-on projects, including the development of web applications using React, Bootstrap, Node.js, and MongoDB, while implementing RESTful APIs using Express and MongoDB.

  • Master of Arts, Education

    2020 - 2021 | National University

    My main focus of study during my time at National University was implementing technology into the classroom and how to best utilize it to enhance the learning experience. I also learned about Social Emotional Learning (SEL) the importance of diversity and inclusion in the classroom in order to best serve all students.

  • Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science

    2016 - 2020 | Baylor University

    Participated in an Interdisciplinary Science Research Internship internally at Baylor University during the summer of 2019. The internship was a 10-week program that allowed me to work with a team of 2 other students to research the effectiveness of nanoparticles as a pesticide replacement in citrus trees. We were able to present our findings at the end of the internship to a panel of faculty and I continued this research throughout my final year.


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